1 1000127298 2015-04-27T08:17:55-04:00 If the M-Hance Navigation Menu is missing. From the chevrons on the navigation panel, check the Navigation Pane options. If you don't see the M-Hance listed, you can drop/create the navigation menus in GP and it will be re-populated on the way back in. Before you do this, please take a backup of the Dynamics database and make sure that everyone is out of GP To do this go to Maintenance > SQL > Check that the database is Dynamics and that the product is Microsoft Dynamics GP. Find Navigation Bar Buttons and click on Drop Table and then Process. When this has finished, highlight the Navigation Bar Buttons again, tick Create Table and then Process. Exit GP and then go back in again. The table should now be re-populated and the m-hance option should be available. . 1000213790 false M-Hance Navigation Menu missing 2 2015-08-20T06:07:11-04:00 1